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Какво ли значат думите crave, detest, loathe?

Какво ли значат думите crave, detest, loathe?

Ежеседмично ви предлагаме нашите мини уроци по английски език. Този път сме избрали да повишим броя на думите, които знаете.

Crave, loathe, detest са синоними на две много популярни думи в английския език. Кои са те? Прочетете и ще разберете!


to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them, or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family

Last night he told me he loved me.
I’ve only ever loved one man.
I’m sure he loves his kids.

ADORE обожавам

to love someone very much, especially in an admiring or respectful way, or to like something very much
She has one son and she adores him.
I absolutely adore chocolate.
[ + -ing verb ] Don’t you just adore lying in a hot bath?

LONG FOR жадувам, копнея

long for sth ; long to do sth – to want something very much
She longed to see him again.
I’m longing for news of him.

CRAVE жадувам, копнея

to have a strong or uncontrollable want for something
Many young children crave attention .

I WOULD RATHER  = I’d rather

used to show that you prefer to have or do one thing more than another

I’d rather have a beer.

Which would you sooner do – go swimming or play tennis?
Wouldn’t you rather finish it tomorrow?
He’d rather die than (= He certainly does not want to) let me think he needed help.

HATE    –  мразя

to dislike someone or something very much

Kelly hates her teacher.

She hated the cold dark days of winter.
I hate it when you do that.
[ + -ing verb ] I have always hated speak ing in public.

DISLIKE  /dɪˈslaɪk/ не обичам

to not like someone or something

Why do you dislike her so much?

[ + -ing verb ] I dislike walking and I hate the countryside.

DETEST  /dɪˈtest/ мразя, ненавиждам, презирам, отвращавам се от

to hate someone or something very much

I detest any kind of cruelty.

[ + -ing verb ] I detest having to get up when it’s dark outside.

CAN’T STAND  – не мога да понасям

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.saying

used as a way to tell someone that they should either stop complaining about a difficult or unpleasant activity, or stop doing it

DISGUST  – отвращавам се

to make you feel extreme dislike or disapproval
Doesn’t all this violence on TV disgust you?

LOATHE /loʊð/ ненавиждам, мразя, отвращавам се от

to hate someone or something

  • From an early age the brothers have loathed each other.
  • “Do you like fish?” “No, I loathe it.”

[ + -ing verb ] I loathe doing housework.

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